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With our out the box solutions we offer some basic security features. Such as:

  • Spam Filtering,
  • Virus Scanning
  • & Manual patching & updating for your desktop & devices


These features add a layer of security and do help you stay protected. Yet, these are not as advanced as some other tools we use to really inject your IT security with steroids.


Not all businesses are created equal. Many types of businesses can get by with just the basic security features. It depends on your needs, industry and your risk tolerance. On the other hand there are some businesses in selected industries who deal with sensitive information on a daily basis.

Sensitive information such as:

  • Credit or debit card transactions
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Names, Addresses
  • Legal Records


These are the companies which can truly benefit from advance security features.


True.. SMB has been a little protective bubble… immune to cyber risks.




The bubble is popping with the death of cash and rising connectivity of devices on your network (Internet of Things).


Now more than ever you have to be careful about what passes over your network. It is your responsibility to protect that information making sure it does not get into the hands of malicious hackers.


I’ll now share a quick story about the importance of cyber security…


Companies are attacked on an hourly basis. Before I started consulting I worked for a security company dealing in IT security for gas stations.


The network security engineer would sometimes throw me the logs of all the attempts to the servers he was seeing.


It was INSANE. Literally thousands of alerts were being spit out on an hourly basis. This was just for this one tiny company in a small corner of Austin, TX. And believe me the company was not a mega-corporation like the ones on the news. No.. No it was a small business.


Their job was to protect their clients data. Now imagine all the small to medium companies with lackluster security. Threats are becoming automated with the rise of the dark web and the tools available to hackers.


It’s becoming easier to breach businesses with little to no effort. Not to mention Ransomware is on the rise. And these ransomware hackers are attacking small businesses just like yours because their IT security is not up to par.


This is one side of the coin. Imagine if you are handling sensitive information on a daily basis…


If you get breached. Then you have a hurricane of problems heading your way. Because now you are fully liable for any sensitive info that hit your network….


…And if you get compromised so do your beloved customers.


Schedule Your FREE One on One Consultation For Your Security Assessment With Roadmap Today! ($997 Value)


With our more advance tools we offer you:

  • Intrusion Detection/ Intrusion Prevention
  • Compliance Solutions
  • Advance Threat Detection
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Automation
  • Threat Intelligence



With a security roadmap we help you figure out how to properly protect your company from breaches. These will save you headaches. And potentially thousands upon thousands of dollars.


What we offer to our partners are fully managed security solutions. We have experts monitoring your network. They are looking for threats & vulnerabilities in real time.

Schedule Your FREE One on One Consultation For Your Security Assessment With Roadmap Today! ($997 Value)


Here are some of the benefits of getting connected with our managed security packages.


Compliance Solutions


  • HIPAA Security Rule states any medical facility needs to be secured since sensitive patient information is being stored on vulnerable machines
  • HIPAA is just a framework with no checklist or guide. Sometimes medical professionals have to hire outside IT help to assess & help implement a bullet-proof security plan
  • We help you get compliant so you can worry about taking care of your patients not your network
  • PCI DSS, is a cyber security standard for any organization which plans on using or is currently using credit & debit cards as a form of payment
  • We help you pass the PCI DSS vulnerability scans so you can be assured your customers credit cards are not at risk
  • Scans need to be ran quarterly and after any significant change in the network


Firewall Configuration & Installation


  • We will help you choose the correct firewall solution for your business. With many solutions out there how do you know which one to choose?
  • We work with 2 very specific firewall vendors. This allows us to focus on their cutting edge technology while offering you options depending on the type of solution your business demands
  • Firewalls help keep intruders out while implementing specific firewall rules.
  • Only the traffic crucial to business operations is sent in or out, this helps improve productivity while increasing your companies security
  • Most firewalls come pre-installed with monitoring software so you can see exactly who your network is talking to


Network Design, Implementation, Cleanup & Lockdown

  • Design network specification for your new or existing business
  • Network specification will include numbering scheme for your site(s)
  • Installing & configuring equipment for network specification
  • Redesign your current network for efficiency & security. Helping your business optimize your current network setup
  • Eliminate unnecessary equipment
  • Installing & configuring equipment for network spec (Routers, switches, WAP’s)
  • Network segmentation & VLanning. This creates virtual local area networks within your existing network. Isolating devices with security risks keeping them away from crucial machines which process sensitive information
  • This will clear the clutter, cleaning up any inefficiencies in your physical network.
    • While at the same time locking down the physical access to the equipment onsite.
    • This will ensure faster tech support issues being fixed.
    • Make it tough for any bad guy trying to acquire physical access to important pieces of hardware.


IDS/IPS Threat Intelligence Solutions

  • Detect the latest threats wreaking havoc on your network
  • Prevents threats before they can start
  • Your IT team gets alerted when something suspicious is going on in your network
  • Insight into network paths and activity.
  • Instant notifications if harmful activity is detected.
  • Find virus signatures and evaluate how it is spreading through your environment

Vulnerability Assessment

  • This scans for known vulnerabilities on devices living on your network. Giving recommendations on how to patch up or fix those vulnerabilities.
  • Updated daily so you know the latest in what types of vulnerabilities exist ensuring faster remediation time for vulnerable devices
  • Continuously scanning your devices to make sure your environment is secure



If you need expert help in getting compliant. Go ahead and schedule a FREE 1 on 1 consultation & strategy call to determine your advanced security needs!


Schedule Your FREE One on One Consultation For Your Security Assessment With Roadmap Today! ($997 Value)


Additional Resources:

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HIPAA website & resources:

GDPR website & resources:



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