Lock Down Your Mobile Devices

Lock Down Your Mobile Devices

Ah the Internet of Things more specifically your phone…


How far we have come from a cell phone which looked like an army platoon radio. To what we know today as our phone… or our sidekick, social media gateway, email scraper, shopping partner… you get the picture.


We have tons of personal information on our phones. Private texts, bank account logins, personal emails etc. And yet there are people who do not bother to even put on a security code or security pattern to lock their device.


I want you to try this exercise. Go home, turn off your phone and store it away for a day. Now imagine this… Your phone got lost or stolen.


How would you feel?…

Is there too much personal information on their that somebody could use to ruin your life?


Are some of your well kept secrets available for prying eyes?


Don’t worry it’s at home safe and sound. The point of this exercise is to help you realize how much we rely on our phones to store some pretty personal secrets.


We have gotten so used to our mobile sidekicks we forget how much information is actually on their. Go home today and just search your phone.


Messages, voicemails, social media, emails. And write down every bit of information your feel could compromise your life or… even lead to a huge headache in the future if a malicious person got a hold of that piece of info.

Once you make that list. Go ahead and consider locking down your phone with a PIN or complicated pattern lock. (No do not make the shape of your first or last name initial!)


For iOS users, I recommend turning on Find My iPhone and securing it with an iCloud account. iOS as far as security is top of the line. Apple releases patches quickly and updates their software frequently.


As for Android users, stick with vendors who release patches frequently. Usually the big brand names are very good at this. Samsung, LG, Google, Motorola etc.. There a few apps available for finding your android and Google provides a complimentary one. Find My Device.


I recommend signing up with those services to get some extra protection.


This is your cyber-security expert signing off



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ByMarco Chavez

Marco has over 15+ years working IT, security & managed services. He has a strong passion for cyber security where he focuses his expertise. Starting out building computers in his garage and setting up network lab environments as a hobby. It quickly grew into a passion and career choice for him. He now dedicates himself to educating small to medium businesses about the importance of their IT security & providing managed IT services to them.

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