Get Smart & Secure With 2-Factor Authentication

Get Smart & Secure With 2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication is becoming more popular with many websites & services. Today we are going to talk about why it’s important to have accounts secured with 2FA.


2FA is a form of authenticating your account. Making sure it’s actually you trying to access your email, bank account, or any other online service which requires you to login. It works in combination with your password as added security for your accounts.


There over 80% of users who do not have 2FA enable and could be a great headache reliever if it is.


Let me start off with a story about my experience with 2FA and how it prevented some unauthorized breaches to my accounts.


It was an ordinary day. I was listening to some music while working on a project. Then I get hit with an alert of someone trying to get into my Steam account. (Yes I am a gamer) I checked the email and it read that someone with an originating IP Address from Vietnam was trying to access my account. I quickly jump on my laptop and try to figure what’s going on.


All these crazy thoughts started filling my brain. They got my passwords, what else do they have? I started panicking a bit. While in my inbox I started receiving password resets emails from Steam. Which of course I never submitted. While trying to figure this out, I receive another email, this time from Google. It said there had been multiple attempts to login to my email from unrecognized devices.


I had 2FA setup for my Gmail account and somehow they had gotten a hold of my password. At the time I had a pretty weak password & really simple to crack probably. Either way if it wasn’t for 2FA I don’t know what would’ve happened. (Learn how to setup a complex password which is easy to remember here.)


I had my bank accounts, social media, & important government accounts attached to my email. It could’ve easily became a case of identity theft.


Which almost happened to me before but that’s a story for another time.


I quickly went in there and started changing my passwords for my email. Then changed the password & setup 2FA for Steam right away.


All in all it was a moment of fear because it happened quickly. Thanks to 2fa I am glad nothing serious happened.


Google has a slick authenticator app you can download. It is mainly for Google based products yet many sites are starting to intergrate into their systems.


Here is a quick guide you can follow to get yourself setup with Google 2FA:


Remember lock down your accounts with 2FA. It might help you avoid a case of identity theft.


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